Sunday, March 30, 2008


I have read at least three other of Brian's books, and I believe he is one the greatest forces of good both in and outside Chistendom.

In the book before this one, The Secret Message of Jesus, Brian discloses the essence of Jesus' communication to us.

In this book -- he tackles the answers to two primary questions:

---What are the biggest problems in the world?

--- What do the life and teachings of Jesus have to say about the most critical global problems in our world today?

I expected Brian to have something significant to say about the answer to the second question.

However, I had already lowered my expectations for the significance of his description and analysis of the first question's answers.

What a surprise! He does a marvelous job of answering the first question. As good or better than those experts in more "relevant" disciplines whose books contain many more pages than McLaren's. And, McLaren is a tremendously engaging writer -- one who keeps you turning pages.

He sees our world as a machine -- The Societal Machine --- which in truth is a
"Suicide Machine".

There are three components of this machine: Prosperity System, Security System and Equity System. The black cog in the middle, Brian calls -- The Framing Story.

McLaren spends ample time discussing the problems and then makes a convincing presentation of how Jesus' message and life could be the antidote for the poisonous predicament prevailing today.